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Riad Baya Rental Agreement

Check-In Time 03:00 PM | Check-Out Time 11:00 AM


Thanks for your interest in Riad Baya, our property in Marrakech. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Here are some of the house rules:

You agree that there is a house manager who will arrive in the morning and prepare breakfast; this is included with your stay. If you choose to forego breakfast, you will not receive a credit. There is a housekeeper who will arrive later in the morning to tend to light housekeeping tasks. The house team will tend to tasks required to keep the house going and will stay out of your way. They are available, however, to help as you need.

You also agree that you will not bring additional people into the house. More plainly put, you cannot bring men / women into the house that are not part of your original group. If there are Moroccans brought into the house, then a marriage certificate must be provided as it is against the law for Moroccans to stay together without one. As a house owner I can be held liable if this rule is violated, therefore it is strictly enforced.

No drugs are allowed in the house of any kind. In some instances, we will be obliged to call the police.

We have cameras throughout the house: one outside at the front entry, one on the first floor aimed at the front door, and one on the terrace aimed at the door.

Smoking rules are strictly enforced: there is no smoking allowed in the house, except on the terrace. Please use the ashtrays provided.

There are no pets of any kind allowed at the house.

We ask that you turn all lights, A/C, heat, and fans or other appliances OFF each time you leave a room. Your room will cool down or heat up quickly once you return to it.

Please make sure the terrace door is locked at all times, unless you are enjoying the terrace. This is important for everyone’s safety.

Our hope is that you find the home peaceful, comfortable and that it will serve as a respite for you after long days of sightseeing!

Good day,

Mokhtar Moutayamine
Jane Shortridge

Riad Baya Cancellation Policy

When you cancel more than 60 days before your check-in date you will receive a 100% refund. If you've booked a trip(s) with us through Moroccan Sahara Tours, your terms may be different; this applies to the house rental portion only. In the event you need to cancel within 60 days time, you will receive a refund of 50% of your first payment (this does not include your deposit for a trip).


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